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Individual Opportunities

Solo & Ensemble - TBA

For students that wish to go above and beyond, our program provides students with various opportunities to challenge themselves and continue grow as musicians and individuals.

All students may choose to prepare and perform a solo or ensemble and be judged as well. Students performing a solo must memorize two songs, one of which must be in a foreign language. Students performing an ensemble (2-7 singers) must memorize two songs.  Students must also pay their accompanist, but the amount is unknown at this time (usually between $20-$40). The director will arrange for an accompanist unless the student gives advance notice that they will be using their own accompanist. The director will work with students on an appointment only basis, and setting up sessions is the responsibility of the student. Pieces can be chosen as early as desired – the earlier the better. However, the director will not make any selections or offer any help for Solo & Ensemble until the necessary fees have been paid. It is strongly recommended that students who choose to do this event begin working toward it right away. Students who earn a Superior rating are eligible for State Solo & Ensemble MPA (see below). The solo event is helpful in preparation for college music auditions. Students will perform for a judge who will rate them and give them comments for improvement. 

Event Date: TBA

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